About Us

WTG Property & Consultants is a Real Estate Company providing a one-stop solution to all your property needs.

From home owners to investors, we provide our experiences and knowledge in local market coupled with trend analysis and market information to assist you in making the best decisions for all your real estate needs.

With our in-dept understanding of your needs and commitments, our exceptional service and frank advice will be vital in placing our clients’ interest and value as forefront.

Since the founding of WTG, our company mission has been threefold:

  1. We aim to develop our people in sales and leadership, equipping every individual with the competencies and mindset to become an outstanding entrepreneur.
  2. We aim to develop our people and to build up our associates in order to grow a business together.
  3. We aim to provide our customers with outstanding service and cultivate a longstanding relationship based on goodwill and trust.

Grooming and developing our people

WTG aims to develop individuals in the areas of sales and in leadership. As such, we aim to build a true entrepreneurial spirit in each individual and to cultivate sound business values in our associates.

Our deep-seated belief in personal development of our people defines the way we treat our agents and associates. We believe in building a close mentoring relationship and creating learning opportunities for our people to learn the ropes of the industry.

Our success in the real estate industry is built on the talent of our people. As such, we place the utmost importance on developing the skills of our agents and associates. We believe that by grooming them and promoting their personal development, we will be able to achieve greater heights in our business.

Serving our customers

Our people-centric philosophy also defines the way we serve our customers. We provide tailored solutions for the varied needs of our customers, always with their best interests in mind.

We strive to meet the goals and needs of our clients every time, with an eye towards upholding our reputation in the industry and to cultivate sound business relationships.







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